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Singaporean or Permanent Resident
S$ 80 Annually
  • Annually - S$80
  • Lifetime - S$300

Ordinary membership is only opened to Singaporeans or Singapore Permanent Residents. An ordinary member has voting rights during meetings and is eligible to become a committee member.


ASEAN Resident
S$ 100 Annually
  • Annually - S$100
  • Lifetime - S$500

If you are an ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) resident, you may join us as an ASEAN associate member and help us to develop the ASEAN network of professionals.


All countries
S$ 150 Annually
  • Annually - S$150
  • Lifetime - S$750

You are invited to join us as a GLOBAL associate member to meet our unique pool of ASEAN dedicated professionals in advancing our cause in the field of early years education, child psychology and educational therapy.


All countries
S$ 39 Annually
  • Annually - S$39

Join as a student member if you are currently a student at undergraduate level or below pursuing a qualification in the field related to education, early childhood education, child psychology, educational or cognitive neuroscience, special & inclusive education.



Singapore Registered Institution
S$ 400 Annually
  • Annually - S$400
  • Lifetime - S$2,000

Ordinary institution/ corporate membership helps to raise the profile and collaborate with other members on local projects, research initiatives, joint ventures, fostering innovation and growth opportunity. Member can showcase their products or services through association events, journal, websites and communication channels. 


Non-Singapore Registered Institution
S$ 750 Annually
  • Annually - S$750
  • Lifetime - S$3,750

Join us as an institutional associate member to increase your visibility within the industry diverse network of professionals, industry leaders and potential clients in ASEAN and Asia. You could look forward to new partnerships, collaborations and other opportunities.

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