Cognitive Psychology

Learning difficulties, disorders and disabilities are heterogeneous, which could be caused by many factors. These learning disorders could be neurodevelopmental, psychological and environmental.  About 10% to 15% of the children and adolescents are facing with learning difficulties and learning disorders according to the World Health Organisation. 

Students facing with learning challenges include those with emotional and behavioral disorders, executive function disorders, autism spectrum disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, communication disorder, dyscalculia, dyspraxia and psychological disorders such as chronic stress, anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar disorder etc. Educational therapy and educational counseling will be advisable after a comprehensive psychoeducational diagnostic assessment. 

Educational therapy is a form of therapy specifically designed to assist individuals with learning differences, disabilities, and challenges. It encompasses a range of intensive interventions tailored to address the unique learning problems of each individual learner. Unlike tutoring, educational therapy focuses on teaching students skills and strategies to effectively manage their learning and overcome academic obstacles.

Qualified educational therapists work closely with students one-on-one, providing specialized instruction and support. The therapy takes into consideration the individual’s cognitive profile, strengths, weaknesses, and current abilities, employing a data-driven approach to design the learning process. It aims to remediate learning problems through a comprehensive and personalized intervention program.

Educational therapy is beneficial for a variety of learners, including those with specific learning differences such as ADHD and ASD. It combines therapeutic and educational strategies, creating a comfortable setting for independent learning. The ultimate goal of educational therapy is to empower individuals to become independent learners by addressing their academic and non-academic skills.

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