Journal of Early Years Research

The Journal of Early Years Research is a reputable scholarly journal that undergoes peer review and focuses on the crucial early stages of childhood development and education. This journal, lodged within the Singapore National Library, serves as a forum for academics, educators, and policymakers to disseminate innovative research and perspectives on the topic of early childhood education. The subjects discussed encompass cognitive development, early learning methodologies, family engagement, and policy implications, with a focus specifically on the Asian context. The aim of the Journal of Early Years Research is to provide valuable information and insight that can impact and shape both practice and policy, with the ultimate goal of ensuring that young learners receive the most effective and beneficial start to their educational paths.

The Asian Educational Therapist

The Asian Educational Therapist is a leading scholarly journal committed to the advancement of the field of educational therapy within the context of Asian societies. This journal is lodged with endorsement of the Singapore National Library and serves as an important resource for professionals, researchers, and practitioners involved in the creation and execution of educational interventions for a wide range of learning needs. Every edition includes pioneering research, case studies, and optimal methods aimed at addressing the distinct challenges and opportunities within the educational environment of Asia. The primary goal of The Asian Educational Therapist is to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of educational therapy in order to advocate for and implement impactful tactics that improve academic achievements and facilitate the overall growth of students throughout the region. 

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